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1.  When is the tournament?

Easter Weekend, we play games on good Friday and Saturday. We do not play games on Easter Sunday.

2.  Where is the tournament?

Bear Creek Soccer Park, 3535 War Memorial Drive.

3.  What time is the tournament?

 7:30 am- 4:30 pm

4.  What is the cost to enter a team?

U8-U12 = $375

U12- U18 =$425  

5. Registration Deadline?

Registration and Payment deadline is March 22, 2013.  

6. When and where is Check-in? 

All registered teams will need to check in at least one hour before your first game. 

7. How will inclement weather affect game schedule?

Field closures and cancellations will be updated at (281) 894-8885 and www.texasunitedfc.com

8. How many players can be on the roster

Ages U8 = 10 players (7v7) (There is no limit on guest players*)

Ages U9- U12= 12 players (8v8) (There is no limit on guest players*)

Ages U12-U18= 16 players (11v11) (There is no limit on guest players*)

*All players intended to play in the tournament MUST be on the Got Soccer roster.

9. How many players can be on the field?

Ages U8 will play 7v7 format (including keeper)

Ages U9- U12 will play 8v8 format (including keeper)

Ages U12-U18 will play 11v11 format (including keeper) 

10. Which age groups will have brackets? 

  • U8 recreational brackets (7v7) 
  • U9 and U12 Gold and Silver (8v8)
  • U12-U18 Gold and Silver Brackets (11v11)

11. How are the bracket levels determined?

Gold Bracket- Division 1 and super 2 teams
Silver Bracket- Division 2, lower super 2 and recreational teams.